Church Mission (Purpose)

We welcome and support you in your journey with God. The primary scripture which undergirds this is MATTHEW 11:28-30.

Our Vision

As we all welcome and support the people God brings into our lives in their journeys with God, one conversation and relationship at a time, we will increasingly become a healthy community of people on mission with Jesus. As we engage with such people and listen to their stories, we will have the opportunity and privilege to share our stories of changed and changing lives as a result of following Jesus. We envision many being drawn to follow Jesus with us as they encounter His love and grace through us.



A. Sharing our lives with a view to inviting others to follow Jesus with us and join us on mission with Him. This means building authentic relationships and sharing verbal witness in the context of relationships.

B. Serving together in ways God has gifted us to engage on mission with Jesus.

C. Studying together those things that equip us to be on mission with Jesus.

D. Surrendering everything we are and have to Jesus for the sake of the mission.

What We Believe
To read our complete Statement of Faith, please visit this link


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